Sydney Eco Whale Watching

Have you ever seen these majestic
creatures up close?

Sydney Eco Whale Watching has been running awe inspiring, small group eco whale watching tours from Sydney Harbour since 2000.
You will enjoy spectacular views of our magnificent harbour and be enthralled by the splendour of the whales out at sea.
Encountering these massive creatures in their own environment is an incredible, never-to-be-forgotten experience.
Its awesome!

Enjoy Good Company

The Best in Small Group Touring

We only take small groups. You are not just one of the crowd. You get individual attention from our skipper and our expert whale watching guides.
A maximum of 12 whale watchers per trip.

Marine Wildlife

Whales and More

From May to August around 30,000 humpback whales pass Sydney as they migrate northward from their summer feeding grounds to their tropical winter breeding areas along the Queensland coast. From August to November, we see them again as they head back south to the Antarctic.

Our ocean-going yacht Katrina provides a mobile platform to take you to the best vantage point to see these wonderful, awe-inspiring creatures. Share the excitement with your family and friends or your workmates. An eco-tour aboard Katrina is an ideal gift or can be a powerful corporate or team building experience.

You may see:


Humpback whales,
Southern Right whales
Minke whales
Pilot Whales
False Killer whales
Pacific dolphins
Common Dolphins

Bottlenose Dolphins
Oceanic Dolphins
Australian Fur seals
many other ocean birds.


Fascinating encounters on
an enchanted ocean